Emma & Jacob got married in Wiston House, West Sussex on a spring day in May this year. Located at the foot of the rolling south downs, the historic Wiston House is a big house with lots of personality and charm. Its been used for political conferences for the government and business for many years and is only available for a handful of weddings each year so this was a first for me.

Photography for Shy Couples

Emma and Jacob were quite shy and both keen not to be centre of attention, which is difficult when it’s your wedding! But they managed to achieve that by going with the flow, relaxing and taking it all in their stride. Emma got ready with her bridesmaids, mum and sisters, and her very sweet and beautiful behaved 2-week old nephew who was the quietest little bubba for most of the day, whilst Jacob got ready at home. Dress on, Emma was ready. Jacob visibly nervous as he’s waiting. Once the nerves settled down and the ceremony was underway, they both totally lost themselves in enjoying their wedding day.

Wiston House Wedding

This lovely wedding featured overflowing champagne, blue bridesmaids dresses with matching blue hydrangeas and roses that looked gorgeous, a finger painting signature love tree, a sweetie bar to die for (I have a sweet tooth!), Turners on the walls (actual Turners!!), the cutest flower girl and a totally cute little chappie who was determined to be centre of attention during the speeches – a quick thinking dad provided a lollipop distraction which did the trick! Emotional speeches, lots of milling and chilling, some serious photo-bombing, Bolt impressions, some emotional re-unions, more champagne and dancing to follow. Anyway, I’ll let the images speak for themselves – loved this wedding. Needless to say, if you’re looking for a Wiston House or Sussex wedding photographer, get in touch via my contact form.

Emma & Jacob – I wish you all the happiness for your future xx

Wiston House Wedding Photography