December 23, 2014

Winter Wedding Styled Shoot

Winter Wedding Styled Shoot – The fires are lit, the candles are burning and hopefully you’re warming up to a steaming hot cup of chocolate or mulled wine and a cheeky mince pie or two. It’s that magical time of year and Christmas is nearly here so time to share a recent Winter Wedding styled shoot I did up in beautiful Cotswold country with the fabulous team up at Aspire. One thing I love about the UK is that we get to truly experienced each and every season for all they bring. Don’t you just love winter! I do, so long as I’m all wrapped and ready for it!!

If you’re planing a winter wedding – whether it’s this side of Christmas or in the New Year, have a look at all the gorgeous details below if you’re short of table ideas and decorations to add a really simple and personal touch to your Christmas celebrations or New Year wedding.  There are gorgeous floaty wedding dresses, stunning winter bouquets, hair flowers, and lots of little everyday details and simple creative ideas that make such a difference. Log slices with simple mason or jam jars and candles – lots of them – match them with your decor or theme colour if you have one. Winter lighting indoors is always brightened up a bit with extra lights whether they’re candles or fairy lights – and don’t forget to add a bit of sparkle and a splash of colour.

This Snow Queen effect was simply created with plain white added silver and sparkle, season flowers and foliage, and hair flowers which tend to be used in summer only! Personalise your wedding decor as much as possible – you don’t need to go OTT with cost – get creative with some simple but effective table choices and don’t forget to check out what others have done on Pinterest!

I really enjoyed the day’s shoot – and huge thanks to all those involved. I hope these images lend you a bit of inspiration for your winter wedding or Christmas celebrations. Meanwhile, my last winter wedding is on New Year’s Eve and its a biggie so I’ll be posting my round up of 2014 in the new year….. Watch this space. Have a very Happy Christmas everyone xx

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I love the mood you created! Very unique!