November 2, 2018

Winter Wedding at Hampton Court House

Hampton Court House Wedding Photography

Rachel and Tom had been living and working in Africa for the last few years before deciding to come home to get married. They wanted a winter wedding which was the perfect time to gather all their friends and family, many of whom were coming from overseas, and Hampton Court House was the perfect location, close to both their family homes. Rachel got ready at her parents home whilst Tom was with his parents and groomsmen and once everyone was ready, we headed to their church in Weybridge. It was a cold crisp morning with lots of sunshine and blue skies, my favourite kind of winter day. Guests were arriving well wrapped up, hugging and smiling whilst filling up the church as we all awaited Rachel’s arrival.

Natural, Documentary Wedding Photography

Rachel was proudly walked down the aisle by her dad, beaming, and the ceremony got underway, accompanied by some beautiful singing from Rachel’s sister. Once married, we all headed outside to chuck copious amounts of confetti over the happy couple who were whisked away to Hampton Court House. Guests boarded a good old Routemaster bus to take them merrily on their way. Once indoors, guests warmed themselves up in front of roaring open fires, whilst drinks & canapés were served and some group photos were done in no time. Then it was dinner time and with Christmas cheer everyone headed into the beautifully decorated dining room. My approach to capturing the day as it unfolds is to tune into what’s going on around me and wait for moments to unfold. A hug or a kiss, laughter amongst a group of friends, kisses, selfies, people just having a good time. I don’t intervene or stop the flow of things as I firmly believe that weddings should be allowed to flow naturally and it’s my job to be in the right place at the right time to capture things.

Dinner, speeches and dancing!

You’re not alone if you dread the idea of giving a speech in front of a crowd (do it early before dinner to get it over and done with so you can relax and enjoy dinner!) but as most speeches are from the heart, they’re not as terrifying as most think! No problem with these two as both Rachel and Tom gave a speech which went down a treat! A singing quartet surprised the room several times as they got to their feet to liven things up and then it was time to hit the dance floor. If the idea of non-posey, relaxed wedding photography appeals to you, drop me a line via my CONTACT PAGE with details of your wedding date and we can chat more. I shoot quite regularly at Hampton Court House so if you’d like to see more galleries take a look here.




What a beautiful wedding captured so naturally love your style!

Thanks so much for your kind comment!

I really like the way you covered the speeches. What was the wide you used?

Thanks Graham. 24mm is my widest – I find 35mm just not quite wide enough for speeches.

Absolutely beautiful work…what a gorgeous bride and a great wedding day!!

Many thanks Ally, that’s really nice of you to say 🙂

Beautiful set! Love your documentary style! Especially love the images during the wedding breakfast. Can appreciate the room being pretty snug and the red walls / curtain would have been a challenge but you’ve done a perfect job to capture such great fun and emotion!

Thanks Sonia, that’s kind of you to say. Yes the room’s colour and snugness do have their challenges and I have to do a lot of contortions to get around (good thing I do yoga!). Thanks for stopping by!

I love Hampton Court House, perfect documentary coverage, it looked like a fantastic day!

I really like HCH too, it’s one of my favourite venues! Thanks for your kind words 🙂

Lovely stuff! They look like the perfect couple for your documentary approach and truly seem to have enjoyed every moment of their day.

Thanks for your kind words David. They had a fabulous day!