January 18, 2017

Wedding Photographer Brighton Royal Pavilion

Spring wedding at Brighton Royal Pavilion

Geraldine & Dany wanted the smallest quietest spring wedding they could imagine. Alone together, away from the crowds, without any fuss and a big hoo haa. But things don’t always go to plan! Instead, at the last minute, they were joined by Geraldine’s lovely mum who made the trip from Ireland, and Geraldine’s sister Claire, so their wedding day was literally the four of them. And me of course! On this beautiful spring day, I got to the Pavilion early and awaited the couple.

A Hand-Fasting Ceremony in the Red Drawing Room

I’ve shot quite a few weddings at the Royal Pavilion, one of my most fave venue’s in Brighton, but this was the smallest. Originally they’d planned to arrive romantically in a horse and carriage but last minute changes meant they arrived in a rather glossy Bentley instead. No bad! They both arrived together and with beaming smiles, made their way into the red drawing room. Claire and Mum then arranged the rings, hand-fasting ribbon and roses ready for the ceremony. And so the ceremony began.. Geraldine & Dany had also opted for a hand-fasting ceremony as well as the more usual exchanging of rings. A hand fasting ceremony, is a legal and spiritual commitment, which is always very touching to witness. Claire read a beautiful blessing and the last part of the ceremony involved the exchange of roses. Such a sweet and romantic ceremony, without any fuss, and all about heartfelt commitment. Just as quiet and without fuss as they’d wanted.

A trip around Brighton

After the ceremony, we’d made time for photos in the stunning Music Room and on the terraces outside. It was a beautiful day so we then headed out into Brighton for photos on the pier and bandstand. The newly-weds really wanted to make the most of their Brighton wedding, and show mum some of the places they loved! The weather was amazing for the time of year, even though a few clouds were on the horizon. Geraldine was so delighted that it hadn’t rained which was 100% guaranteed had they married back home in Ireland. Then onto the Grand hotel for their celebratory wedding dinner together. I can’t help but become part of a small wedding like this but whether I’m photographing a 200 person wedding or a 4-person wedding, they all get the same TLC. Quietly capturing the moments as they unfold, in as discreet a way as possible I’m there to tell the story of your wedding, big or small. Pleas do get in touch here if you’re having a Brighton wedding particularly if you’re planing one at the Pavilion. You can also look through my galleries and blog posts for other Brighton weddings I’ve done.  Id’ love to hear from you!

Black bentley arrives with bride and groom ready for their brighton pavilion wedding ceremony Groom gets out of bentley car ready to enter the royal pavilion Handsome groom helps his beautiful bride out of their wedding car ready for their wedding ceremony at the pavilion Bride and Groom smiling at family as they arrive at their wedding Bride and Groom going into the red drawing room at the royal pavilion for their wedding ceremony brides family arrive for her wedding The stunning red drawing room at the royal pavilion in Brighton Bride's sister and mum getting their wedding rings out ready for their wedding ceremony in Brighton Brides mum and sister putting wedding rings on tray Weather barometer says fair, with bride in white dress in the background at the royal pavilion Guests ready for a wedding at the royal pavilion Bride enters the red drawing room with her flowers, to start the wedding ceremony Bride and groom kiss before ceremony Close up photo of bride and groom holding hands Simple reflection photo of bride and groom during their wedding ceremony Dany places wedding ring on Geraldine's finger at their wedding ceremony Hand-fasting humanist wedding ceremony at Brighton pavilion Bride and Groom's hands are hand-fasted with lace ribbon at their humanist wedding ceremony newly married couple holding hands after their wedding ceremony in the red drawing room Bride's sister giving a wedding blessing at their wedding Bride and Groom exchanging roses as part of their wedding ceremony Bride and Groom kissing as newly weds Newlyweds walking hand in hand along the corridors of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton Geraldine and Dany in the stunning Music Room at the Royal Pavilion Newly weds walking across the kings lawn at the Royal Pavilion Geraldine & Dany kissing on the Pavilion terraces Bride and Groom on the Kings Terrace at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton Bride's autumnal bouquet of red roses and cala lillies Groom's tie pin details Bride and Groom kissing at the door of the pavilion Newly weds on Brighton Pier Newly weds on brighton pier after their wedding ceremony Geraldine & Dany at the bandstand on brighton beach Newly weds on the famous staircase at the Grand Hotel in Brighton