Krissie & Adam’s Sussex Wedding at Fitzleroi Barn in July was one of my stand out summer weddings. It was the height of summer and the location of Fitzleroi farm and barn was simply stunning. Set in prime farming land between Petworth and Pulborough, there was nothing but countryside as far as the eye could see. No traffic, no noise, just rolling hills, farms, tractors, horses, fields…..  Krissie & Adam and all their guests were a joy to be around, let alone photograph. Their plan was to have a relaxed vintage tea party after getting married in the same church Krissie’s mum and dad were married at many years before, all to be followed by a big evening party and BBQ in the stunning Sussex countryside.

Krissie and her dad arrived to a packed church in a vintage sports car – taking careful steps in her custom made marvel comics killer heels, Krissie made her big entrance. The ceremony was joyous and afterwards they headed off to Fitzlerio Barn, some 30 minutes away. Vintage cars don’t travel so fast so guests were sipping on Pimms and Champagne when the newly weds finally arrived. It was a swelteringly hot day. The atmosphere was relaxed and very informal, there were loads of selfies and fun group shots being taken, kids going mad with the sweet trolley, jokes being played, a few unwelcome wasp stings (me included) and then afternoon tea started. Well, I’ve never seen so much cake!!  After being well fed and looked after, the speeches got underway with Krissie’s dad telling us all about his lovely daughter. Then it was Adam’s turn. Jaw dropping, gob smacking, self effacing hilarity for a good 20 minutes… Krissie was crying and laughing and crying and laughing all at the same time. Adam had a captive audience. Without doubt the best Groom speech I’ve heard for years!

When the day is long with lots of sunshine and it’s as hot as it was that day, it makes total sense to shoot couples portraits later in the evening. We didn’t head out until well after 8pm when the light was softer.. a photographer’s dream…. and were all laughing about the day’s events so far. Nothing but blue skies and fabulousness with these two. Some couples are just so right together – not because they’re more demonstrably romantic or anything, but just because they really seem to get each other.  After wandering around the barn taking some great shots, I had a hunch that we should keep exploring some of the fields further on. I’m glad we did. Two of Krissie’s wishes for the day were for sunshine and hay rolls. She got both! I love adventurous couples who don’t mind climbing a fence, over a wall or on top of a hay roll….

And so back for some more cake and dancing. A wonderful wedding in a fabulous place with a great bunch of people. If you’re looking for a story telling, relaxed wedding photographer, and have an adventurous spirit, drop me a line via my contact page. I’d love to hear from you. I shoot weddings throughout Sussex, the south east, London and further afield. It was great being there to capture things for you Krissie & Adam – I wish you all the very best xx




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