February 7, 2018

Proud Country House Wedding Photography

Proud Country House Wedding Photographer

Lovely Helen & Mike had their afternoon summer wedding at Proud Country House (formerly Stanmer House) in Stanmer Park just outside of Brighton. It’s a gorgeous quirky venue tucked away in the Sussex downs and set in acres of parkland, and having been recently refurbished, it was perfect for their celebrations. Helen was busy preparing upstairs with her closest family and friends, whilst putting on her make up, sorting the table plan out and writing her thank you speech all at once! After all the friends and mum were made up and ready, Helen was left alone to get into her wedding dress and make her final preparations for her big moment. Meanwhile, downstairs their guests were making their way to the ceremony room where Mike was busy greeting everyone and awaiting his lovely Helen to arrive into the ceremony room, overlooking the courtyard on their warm and hopeful wedding day.

Humanist wedding ceremony

Helen was chatting throughout the morning preparations, and told me they were a sports mad, action loving couple who sailed competitively and had been traveling back and forward from the UK and South Africa for the last few years. They’d both waited a long time for this relationship, for this partnership and for this marriage and she told me with a tear in her eye that she couldn’t wait to be Mike’s wife! Their wonderful celebrant was Tiu de Haan, who Helen had met on a business course years before –  she brought a really magical, soulful and personal touch to the ceremony. Tiu infused every moment with love, joy, celebration, hope and happiness as she led the wedding party through a number of rituals that had real significance to the couple, including passing around their wedding rings around (which had been tied together) for each and every wedding guest to silently bless before wishing them well on their journey together. There was a also a tree tying ceremony, binding the two of them and their families together for life.

Proud Country House Documentary Wedding Photography

After the ceremony, guests poured into the garden with their champagne and the celebrations began. My coverage ended just before dinner as Mike gave his welcome speech and their celebrations continued into the night. For those of you wondering what the quotation on their wedding cake means, (“Now join your hands”) “and with your hands your hearts” –  it’s a quotation is from Shakespeare’s play Henry V, from the wedding of Warwick and Clarence and was a blessing for their union. If you’re planning a Proud Country House wedding please get in touch for more details about my style of creative documentary wedding photography and how I’d cover your wedding. To see a few more similar weddings check out Elmore Court Wedding Photography or Hampton Court House Wedding Photography.