April 1, 2019

Pinewood Studios Wedding Photography

Pinewood Studios Wedding Photography

Neil & Rob planned their wedding on the 10th anniversary of their civil partnership, and as a reunion for those who were there the first time around. Let me correct that. They didn’t just plan it – they meticulously orchestrated THE party of the decade, with off the scale ‘epic-ness’  for all their friends and families, right down to the smallest little detail, it was so incredibly well organised. Both mad about Belinda Carlisle, the day was aptly titled, ‘We Dream the Same Dream’. Cute huh! They booked Pinewood Studios and decided to skip all the usual wedding traditions and do it their way. Plans included a late afternoon ceremony, followed by drinks that ran straight into their party which for them, was the main event! And it was Pride that day too!

Summer Heatwave

The day of the wedding arrived and as everyone will remember, we had that never ending heatwave in 2018. It was already 30 degrees at 11am as Neil & Rob’s crew arrived – they were his inner circle of nearest and dearest who were all involved one way or another, with the running of the day. And as I soon found out, this lot did everything together! They were all totally mad on 80’s pop and travelled the country together seeing their fave bands on tour, so they were tight! Guests started to arrive on the red carpet and the ceremony room was soon full to capacity. It was sweltering but some last minute purchases of white fans helped stop anyone from fainting! Neil & Rob were just about ready and waiting in the wings with their mums to make their big entrance, but first there was a star wars style cinematic intro followed by a dramatic countdown from 60 to 1. As the drama built, there was such an air of anticipation as finally it got to 3, 2, 1. Both in designer monochrome they made their big entrance on the arms of their respective mums into their wedding. And so it began. There were 5 or so readings from friends which heightened the emotions and then it was time to say their vows, taking each others hands and hearts and exchanging rings. And so with a few tears in their eyes and lots of tears from the audience, they were married.

Wedding Reception at Heatherden Hall

After a couple of photo opps for guests, it was time to start the celebrations and Neil & Rob led their guests out into the ballroom where copious amounts of drinks and delicious bowls of food were being served.  A slideshow of photo memories over the years was being screened around the room with loads of moments and eras these two shared with everyone. They’d also made a collage poster that included every single one of their friends there that day – such a lovely personal touch! Guests were happily enjoying themselves chatting and catching up for a few hours and then it was time for speeches. Closest friends, of whom there were quite a few, gave emotional heartfelt speeches, followed by Neil’s dad, his brother and then both grooms had their turn on the stage. So many amazing words. So many emotional moments. So. Many. Tears. Even I welled up.

Documentary Wedding Photography

Then a cake cutting followed by a surprise screening from Neil to Rob – he’d made a little film made up of videos & pics from some of their fave pop stars GOD KNOWS HOW! But he’d been secretly planning and putting this together for months. Madonna, Blue, Sinitta, Jason Donovan, Tiffany, Bananarama, Belinda Carlisle to name but a few…. the crowd kept erupting into cheers as the film kept rolling with more and more congratulations to the happy couple from singers they’d shared many years with like old friends. Rob was in tears! Neil was in tears. Half the guests were in tears! It was nuts!! Then it was time to sneak out as Neil & Rob had one more big entrance to make – for their first dance. It was clear this crowd LOVED to party. That was the thread that bound them all together, so naturally, they wanted to throw the best party ever. They’d converted the adjoining hall into a nightclub with blacked out windows, complex lighting rigs, strobes, fireworks, a stage and catwalk for people to dance on. Neil & Rob took their positions and guests were surprised as the central doors rolled back to reveal the secret nightclub and they were invited into to their first dance, Kylie’s All the Lovers. Lights and confetti canons exploded and the crew took to the catwalk for the Pet Shop Boys, It’s a Sin!!! Oh the irony! Cue the red lights and actual flipping fire on stage, seriously, these guys planned it to a T. What followed was an intense night of non-stop partying. Like the best disco you’ve been to EVER. It was so hot in there, Soven and I had to take it in turns doing 20 mins each before coming out for air and water!!! We welled up, boogied, laughed, had fun with them all day and all night. I can’t even remember what time we left but it was late and by that time I was on a total emotional high, grinning from ear to ear. The day had been everything they’d hoped it would be, and more. There are some rare couples I come across in this job, couples who are so loved up, that their love just overflows and embraces all those around them. That day in that room, all I felt was pure love. It was blindingly obvious that they were SO loved by everyone, it was an overwhelming emotional experience and then I really understood what made them all such a tight knit crew. It wasn’t just the cheesy 80’s pop and shared love of working out, keeping fit, partying, chasing gigs around the country, living life together, but simply the friendship and love they all shared. I felt so honoured to have been chosen to cover their day for them, because it was so much more than anything I’d expected. Thank you Neil & Rob, you two beautiful souls – what an incredible experience that was. Can I be there for your 20th anniversary please 🙂 If you’re looking for a creative documentary wedding photographer, please do get in touch and I’ll tell you how I can cover your big day too. Meanwhile, check out Tracy & Joy’s gorgeous wedding at Camber Sands, and Tom & Elliot’s Elmore Court Wedding if you’d like to see more. Love n Peace xx



Such great wedding outfits, and the strength of friendship between everyone comes across so well in every picture.

Thanks David, these guys, their outfits, this location, this wedding!!! What a class act!

WOW! That was incredible, what a wedding. Great photography, really gets across the party spirit. Thank you.

Thanks Adam! Appreciate you taking time to go through ALL those photos! Thanks for your kind comments 🙂

Truly the most incredible photographs of an equally incredible wedding. You really captured the spirit and love that this day was all about.

Pam that’s very kind of you indeed! Really glad you can see the joy of the day in their photos!! It was the best day wasn’t it! xx

Great job Mona, looks like a fab wedding

It was!! Thanks for taking time to look through Damion!

Such a fabulous (hot!) day … brilliant pictures that capture how much fun and how much happiness there was!

Thanks Anna-Clare 🙂

A lovely set of images Mona, rich in colour, great use pf light and you can really feel the excitement throughout! Brilliant!

Cheers Paul, appreciate your kind comments, thanks!

Wow that took me back! You captured every moment and feeling of the day not only in words but along with the pictures of all the fun and love on Neil and Rob’ amazing wedding day and party. Can we do it all again please?

Thanks Jenny, that’s so nice of you to say! As soon as I started writing, the whole day came flooding back to me too! Thanks for stopping by xx

We knew from the moment we met you that you’d be a perfect fit for our day. Many of our guests thought you were a guest!

Every single minute was planned as you say – with the exception of one thing – the photos, or should I say – the MEMORIES – where I’m so glad we trusted you, let go and left you to it. Every moment and every emotion over the day and night captured naturally and perfectly and we are so so grateful.

I’m so happy for the couples that find you and ask you to capture their moments & memories as I know their joy will be captured so perfectly as you’ve done for us and our friends and family.

With love and gratitude always,
Neil & Rob xx

You guys!!! Thank you SOO much, you’re making me well up again! It was the best day ever and I’ll never, ever forget how much love was in that room for you both. You’re blessed to have found each other and to share that love with everyone – I am so thankful you trusted me to be there to capture your memories. Big hug xx

OMG there goes my mascara – yet again! What a fantastically accurate and appropriate write up of the day. Certainly a day none of us will forget. Photos capture the happiness and excitement perfectly , the boys were so lucky to have found you Mona xxx

Thank you so much Pam! That’s very kind of you to say! I enjoyed their day so much and won’t forget it in a hurry! I feel very blessed they chose me to share in their lovely day xxx

A truly awesome day filled with love, Mona has done you proud boys xxx

Thank you lovely Fran! Hope you and the family are all well xxx

Lovely work as always Mona, I can always tell that you work really hard at your weddings, getting lots of interesting angles.

Thanks Paul! Appreciate your kind comments.

Brilliant images. You showed the joy of the party superbly!

Thanks Jamie! I couldn’t’ stop dancing myself!!! Sign of a great party!!

Cheers Jamie! It was an absolutely incredible day! No party can beat this one!!!