December 19, 2014

Pembroke Lodge Wedding Photography – Jess & Dom

Here’s Jess & Dom Part 2 of their lovely Pembroke Lodge Wedding. If you missed part 1 click here.…..After getting ready and having had their traditional Chinese tea ceremony at Jess’s family home, Jess & Dom headed off separately by taxi to Pembroke Lodge for their wedding. Situated smack bang in the middle of Richmond Park, Pembroke Lodge is a very popular and fabulous Georgian Mansion surrounded by gardens and beautiful Surrey countryside.

Their emotional wedding ceremony

Their guests started to slowly arrive at the venue, making their way upstairs to the Russell Suite which overlooks the gardens. Jess and her dad shortly followed in her wedding taxi and in they went…. There were some very emotional readings from friends and family and lots of happy tears from both Jess and Dom as they said their ‘I do’s’. Ooh don’t you love happy tears! And then dad’s phone went off during the ceremony! Then came the wedding rings, vows and kisses and the official signing bit before they happily headed out for their drinks reception and lots of confetti for luck!

Drinks in the garden

It was a glorious sunny day and we headed out into the gardens to get some shots of them together – I love it when a couple really trust me. In all honesty, most people are a bit self-conscious when having their photo taken – it’s not unusual for me to have quite shy and introverted couples. By being yourself, relaxing and trusting me the magic can happen! They both relaxed and enjoyed a bit of time out and a walk around the gardens whilst we spent some time shooting. Then it was time for dinner and there was a real sense of everyone coming together to enjoy the celebrations.

Dad insisted on singing his speech!

After dinner, Jess’s dad opened the speeches by announcing he was going to sing. His speech that is! Which is exactly what he attempted to do, but thankfully only a few lines of it. Priceless! There were a few more speeches, including one from Jess, lots and lots of clinking champagne glasses and then the cake cutting before everyone headed out into the gardens again to enjoy some evening sunshine.

Summer nights

There were lots of little people having fun and enjoying the limelight that evening before the dancing started. Jess’s family clearly loved to dance – you literally couldn’t stop them! What a fabulous day that was. Jess & Dom – you guys were just gorgeous and thank you so much for choosing me to capture things for you both. Here’s a small selection of images from the day.  If you’re getting married at Pembroke Lodge, drop me a line – I’d love to hear your plans. Jess and Dom – huge congrats again and all the very best to you both xx