January 12, 2019

Metro Garden London Wedding Photography

Metro Garden London Wedding Photography

I turned up at Eleanor & Jacky’s gorgeous south London flat early on the morning of their wedding to find a front room full of friends/ bridesmaids, as well as mum busying herself with preparing all the bouquets. Eleanor was a bundle of nerves and excitement rolled into one as she was getting ready for the day ahead. Dad arrived as did the vintage roller ready to whisk them away. Eleanor looked absolutely STUNNING in her Grace Loves Lace dress and her hair was a work of art! Ready to get married, we all got into various cars and headed over to Wandsworth Town Hall for the ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony at Wandsworth Town Hall

It was one of those hot summer days during the heatwave of last summer and everyone was sweating already. Jacky arrived with his best man looking buff and off-the-scale excited, ready to get married and party. Guests made their way upstairs in the town hall to the grand chamber  in brilliant sunshine, as Eleanor and Dad arrived making their way up to join everyone. Star of the show was undoubtedly Eleanor’s granny a fierce and feisty lady who kept a firm eye on proceedings and a big smile and hug to all those who came near! Once everyone was in, there was a short pause to sort the music out which got Jacky sweating (he’s a well known party DJ (#jacky_music) playing all over the world) and eventually with tunes playing, the wedding finally got underway.  One of the things that gets me excited as a creative are the spaces and places I get to shoot in. I sooo love the space and architecture of these authentic, old London town halls and really enjoy finding ways to capture them that do them justice. And without further ado, they were married to cheers from the crowd. Downstairs again they were covered in confetti and we did a few family photos on the steps.

Wedding Reception at Metro Garden Bar in Clapham

Eleanor & Jacky took off in their posh ride whilst guests boarded red busses, grabbed champagne and got the party started onboard. What seemed like an eternal drive through hot sticky London, we finally arrived at the Metro Bar in Clapham and everyone found a spot in the cool gardens. As one of their favourite places, they wanted to recreate a chilled Ibiza vibe and the gardens were a fabulous space for everyone to relax and mingle in. Midway through the afternoon we walked over to Clapham Common (all sweating now) to do some couples photos – these two were smoking and Eleanor’s so clearly Jacky’s queen bee. He’s totally nuts about her and I LOVED working with these two. Photos done and back to Metro Bar for the wedding dinner and speeches. First up Eleanor’s dad, then her mum, the Jacky’s and his best man. SOO many funny moments, I hope the photos capture all the laugher. The heat didn’t cool down until much later that evening and back outside again in the gardens the party sounds created a fab atmosphere. Some of Jacky’s dj mates were doing slots that evening and the party was buzzing.

Female Documentary Wedding Photographer

Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed being with this lot – such an amazing couple, warm, happy and outgoing with a real upbeat lust for life. Some couples are the Ying to the other’s Yang. Eleanor & Jacky you stonkingly gorgeous couple, thanks for having me and here’s to a zillion years of love & happiness together. If you’re planning a fab London party wedding, and are looking for a documentary wedding photographer get in touch via my contact form or give me a ring on 07956419207.  If you’re looking for relaxed, candid, real, honest wedding photography – not stylised, not set up, not posed, not contrived then we could be made for each other. I’d love to hear more about your exciting wedding plans. Here are a couple of other London weddings if you’re interested. Yasmin & Stuart’s wedding at Hampton Court House, and Steph & George’s Devonshire Square wedding.


What a super cool couple. Looks like you had a great time, super images.

Spot on! Was a great wedding and a lot of fun! Thanks for taking time to look through them Andrew!

Awesome wedding Mona and as usual totally fabulous documentary coverage – just amazing. well done honey xxx

Ah thanks Teri, that’s lovely feedback! Was such a cool wedding xx

Beautiful work Mona, you have really caught the love and the character of the wedding. Superb!

Thanks Jamie, it was a totally fab wedding 🙂