June 28, 2013

Kew Gardens Wedding Photography

Kew Gardens Wedding Photography. Claire & Rich had originally planned their Kew Gardens Wedding for February but were so glad they’d decided on late May after the wash-out spring we’ve just had. The day of their wedding was a glorious blue sky spring day and Kew was blooming. Literally. Kew Gardens is an amazing place all year round, but it’s an even more glorious place to shoot in when its sunny and blossoming. Claire’s preparations got underway at the Coach & Horses, a local gastro-pub & hotel, with her sister, mum and bridesmaids all getting ready with her. As it’s only a short walk away from Cambridge Cottage in Kew, one of several idyllic garden wedding venues at the Botanical Gardens in south west London, it’s an ideal place to stay. So close in fact, that Claire walked with her bridal party to the ceremony, turning lots of heads as she did!

The day can best be described as simple elegance. Unfussy, straightforward and all about the commitment they were making. Claire & Rich had lovely a ceremony with several very personal readings from family members. The ceremony room was packed, but you could hear a pin drop as they exchanged their vows – there was such strong emotional energy in the room. Claire’s dad was expected to shed a tear or two on the day but as it happened, he wasn’t the only one. I love tears at weddings!!

Then the drinks reception got underway in the garden, and it had to be one of the hottest days in the spring. There were massive bowls of olives, lots of champagne and even cigars before we headed off for a walkabout in the grounds. Thankfully we had a golf buggy and driver for the afternoon so everything seemed a lot closer on the day than it did on the 2-hour reccy we’d done a few weeks before, for their pre-wedding shoot earlier in April. We had a good laugh at the giant pineapple that had suddenly appeared in the lake in front of the Palm House as part of the ‘Incredible Edibles’ plant exhibition, and Claire & Rich even got into the spirit of things trying out some of the plants out on the eating table they’d installed – all good fun!!

Claire & Rich were clearly mad about one another and were a really sweet and relaxed couple to work with, taking the whole day in their stride. It was a fab day so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Part two to follow as there are lots! Hope you enjoy them.

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Superb photography. I like how you positioned both of them, the color and contrast. Nice image composition. Congratulations, great photos!

Thank you!