July 2, 2017

June’s Top 5 Wedding Instagram Photos

Wow summer’s rolling on and it’s July already! I do this series of blog posts as I find it’s a great way to connect with my Instagram followers, summarising their top picks each month, and it’s a place to feature often, random documentary wedding photos that you might not otherwise get to see! There are some interesting shots this month, most of which are bride & groom portraits taken during a very short walk with my couples on their wedding day. We arrange this in advance as part of the schedule for the day as it can be very challenging trying to get some totally natural portraits of a bride & groom together and looking great on their wedding day. Quite often, they’re talking to different sets of friends or guests and chatting to their nearest and dearest, only coming together at dinner. So I give them a little helping hand, by naturally engaging with my couples during our short walk, creating moments very organically and having a lot of fun whilst we’re doing it. Most couples seem to dread the idea of having their photo taken, but with a little help, we always achieve some beautiful images. I’ve got some colour full choices for you this month. Enjoy!

black & white silhouette portrait of bride getting ready at Hoxton Hotel Shoreditch

Anais & David

I LOVE silhouettes and situations often pop up during a wedding day that present the perfect opportunity to create one! Here, Anais is having the finishing touches done to her make up at the Hoxton Hotel where both she and David got ready for their wedding at Hackney Town Hall, a big, beautiful old London town hall. Back lighting provides the ideal silhouette shot, and you can just about see the details in Anais’s gorgeous Hayley Paige wedding dress.

Photo of bride & groom in the side streets of Shoreditch London

Anais & David

This portrait was taken in the streets of Shoreditch, before Anais & David’s wedding ceremony. They’d gone against tradition and met before the ceremony so we could take some photos together, including some family group photos early during the day, so all the ‘formalities’ were done, allowing them to totally relax and enjoy the rest of their day. They loved the graffiti and street art around Shoreditch and wanted this to feature in their photos.

Colourful photo of bride and groom walking past a painted art wall in Shoreditch at their London wedding

Anais & David

This is another more candid portrait again taken in the streets of Shoreditch and is one of their favourites!

Bride and Groom playing piggy back down the lanes in Brighton

Lori & Andy

This fabulous couple had an elopement wedding in Brighton a few weeks ago. It was just them! They had no guests or witnesses so had to cajole a random couple they met minutes before their ceremony to be their marriage witnesses! We had a blast in Brighton and this shot was taken in the lanes. Love their energy as they’re goofing around!

silhouette of a bride and groom kissing at the Orangery in Holland Park, London

Kavitha & Sal

The last of this month’s features, is another silhouette of Kavitha & Sal at their Orangery wedding in Holland Park, London. Their families hadn’t met before, in fact they’d not even met each others families on the day of their wedding so there were a few nerves leading up to the ceremony itself. Once married, they had a small intimate lunch with their families and this photo was taken after everyone had left. They were happily relieved all had gone well and this gorgeous shot was one of the last taken that day.

Thanks for joining me again and see you next month!

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This is such an awesome blog post idea Mona! Beautiful images as always 🙂

Thank you so much Sonia x

Such a cool photo shoot!