September 16, 2014

Confetti. To have or not?

Confetti. To have or not?

So why a post about such a humble small part of a wedding day?

Well, I LOVE the confetti throw it’s as simple as that. The tradition seems to stem from an ancient pagan rite of showering the happy couple with grain for a fruitful marriage. And the Italian nobility would throw sweet things during carnival parades and festive days during the middle ages, so there’s a long history of things being thrown for good luck and to celebrate.

These days the tradition has trickled down into sparkly ticker tape for all manner of celebrations as well as the more humble and simple paper confetti we see at weddings today. Whether its lovingly collected, dried rose petals, paper hearts, rice or glitter, throwing confetti over a newly married couple apparently signifies hope. Whether that’s for fertility or a long and happy marriage, I just love this little ritual that starts the celebrations off after the wedding ceremony. I love all the smiles and laughter, seeing kids running around chucking as much as they can, picking it up and chucking it some more, and the oldies jostling into the best position to get a good aim.

If you’re in doubt about having confetti, here are a few shots that might change your mind.