February 6, 2015

Chinese Wedding Photographer – London


This post is a little overdue as a much needed holiday came in-between my blog of day one of Elaine & Mark’s epic Anglo-Chinese wedding weekend and this one – if you missed it, click here. The second day of their wedding celebrations followed day one’s traditional Chinese Tea Ceremonies, door games, ceremony at Brighton’s splendid Royal Pavilion and the wedding party and gig that followed. Yes. Gig!! The Bride & Groom partied the night away, after belting out a set of 4 songs to their guests’ rapturous applause.

Needless to say, day two’s wedding celebrations at China Boulevard in south west London, were as colourful and energetic an extravaganza as day one. After welcome drinks, followed by some formal group photos, Elaine had a quick change of outfit before the traditional Lion Dancing started, one of the highlights of the day. Elaine’s 3rd wedding outfit was like something from ‘Gone with the Wind’ all red and billowing, she truly looked like a perfect belle – check out that train! After nearly losing an arm to a very hungry lion (but thankfully not my camera), next followed a very sumptuous and long 10-course Chinese Wedding Banquet.

Dish after dish came out of the kitchen of this fine authentic Chinese restaurant with wider families introducing themselves to each other and mingling, it was a really heart-warming gathering. After speeches and lots of tears, both families gathered for a traditional toast to guests at each table warmly welcoming them to the celebrations. And so onto outfit change number 4 – a flirty little 50’s number, and the cutting of cake number 2. Elaine & Mark then got themselves behind the bar for cocktail hour to mix up some colourful cocktails for whoever was brave enough to try one. Finally, outfit change number 5 and their departure on honeymoon. The girl loves a dress!!

An amazing couple. An epic weekend. And the nicest families surrounding and sending them off on their journey together. Congratulations again Elaine & Mark. Loved every minute of it and thank you for choosing me x