November 30, 2017

Brighton Town Hall Elopement Wedding Photographer

Elopement Wedding Photography

Andy & Lori got in touch with me to see if I could photograph their Brighton Town Hall elopement wedding in the summer. It would be just the two of them. Literally. They’d had some early dates in Brighton and loved it down here so had decided to get married in the Town Hall and make a weekend of it. They booked a sweet airbnb as they were getting ready together and that’s where my coverage started. It’s obviously a very different kind of wedding booking if there are just two people and no one else to photograph but them. But it’s exactly what they wanted – something low key and ever so slightly romantic. They were planning a much bigger wedding in the US where Lori is from, next year so this was just the warm up! When I arrived, all their wedding clothes, jewellery and other weddingy thing were laid out, ready to be put on. There was something so very sweet seeing how carefully they’d chosen, bought or made each and every item, somewhat symbolically. With smile Sussex radio humming along in the background, they got ready for their little big day. Andy helped Lori do up her dress and Lori helped Andy put on his button hole, and just before leaving, Lori hand tied her own bouquet and they were ready to go.

Brighton Town Hall Wedding Photography

They made the short walk through Brighton to the Town Hall, hand in hand in the happiest of moods, and then had to find a couple of witnesses who’s be happy to spare some time for them. They found a couple of London day trippers who were very pleasantly surprised by their request and happy to help, so everyone headed into the town hall. With specially made rings and their own vows written, the ceremony started and within minutes they were married. The marriage was registered and certificate signed by their lovely witnesses and then they were out into the sunshine for a celebratory glass of champagne.

Wedding Photography in Brighton Lanes

After saying goodbye to their witnesses, Lori was particularly keen to wander through the lanes so that we could take some photos together – it really became a personal photoshoot with the two of them, something I rarely get asked to do for most of my wedding bookings, but it was something special for them. We walked miles that day from the town hall to the pier along the seafront, back to the pavilion and all along the lanes. Here are some of the photos from the day – I hope you like them. If you’re planning a Brighton wedding, an elopement wedding, an intimate wedding… you get the drift, and are still looking for your photographer, do get in touch here via  my contact form. If you like my work and want to see more, take a look at another recent Brighton wedding at the Bandstand.



Super cool wedding, awesome photos!

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