January 13, 2019

Belair House Winter Wedding Photography

Belair House Winter Wedding Photography

Gunel waited a long time to get married. 10 years in fact. Two businesses and two gorgeous children later, Nick decided it would be a great idea to throw a massive party for his big four 0. And why not get married at the same time!! So Gunel went to town getting everything organised starting with a stunning budget busting Riki Dalal dress and Jimmy Choos for her and pink tutu’s for her gorgeous girls Lilah & Tallulah. Outfits sorted, Chelsea old town hall and Belair house booked, this organised working super mum got the whole wedding nailed down in no time. All Nick needed to do was show up! I’ve known Gunel & Nick for a few years as I shot her little sister and good friend Shen’s wedding to Eva a few years ago (here’s their wedding) and was so stoked when she called wanting to book me for their photography too. I started coverage that day at their gorgeous white apartment in Bromley where Mama Sev, Gunel and the girls were doing hair, make up and nails. It was a super chilled start to the day and and when everyone was ready, we headed off to Chelsea.

Wedding Ceremony at Chelsea Old Town Hall

Nick and guests had gathered for a wee drink at the Trafalgar on King’s Road. Looking super buff in his William Hunt, Savile Row suit and Louboutins, Nick kept the crowd entertained for a bit before everyone made their way over to Chelsea old town hall. The scene was set, everyone was there, ready and waiting for Gunel to make her big entrance. She’d realised on arriving at the town hall that she’d forgotten her wedding bouquet – too late to do anything about that now, so in she went in, on her mum’s arm. You had to be there to see Nick, grinning ear to ear at his gorgeous bride. I don’t think it was really real until that very moment he turned around and saw her. She looked every bit the princess bride, simply stunning. Ever the clown and entertainer, Nick kept everyone laughing throughout the ceremony until it got to the serious bits. You could see the guy was NUTS about his bride and she clearly loved the pants off him. And so with lots of laughter, a few tears and more laughter, they were finally married!!! Register signed and officially married, everyone headed outside to chuck some confetti on the newlyweds who were spectacularly photobombed by a granny on the steps of the town hall! Everyone piled into a big red bus and onwards to the reception.

Documentary Wedding Photography

The bus journey was a mix of cocktails, beer, rude jokes, selfies & kisses and guests arrived at Belair House in very happy spirits ready to celebrate. Nick & Gunel welcomed their guests into a flowing drinks reception and in-between chatting to guests or being dragged off to tell another funny story, we eventually got a few family photos done. My shooting philosophy is to be part of the wedding, getting up close to shoot what’s going on, but not to be a distraction or to stop the flow of things. Shooting weddings from the inside out, right in the middle of things so I can get all the best bits!  The wedding breakfast started and everyone was well fed with humongous plates of roast dinners and the kids were running around getting up to mischief. Then came lots of speeches and I don’t even have to tell you who was the funniest! Nick’s speech was so flippin rude with so many expletives, but the guy’s a real comedian and had everyone in stitches. Clearly an extrovert and loving being centre of attention… but there were so many stories that demonstrated how much he loved Gunel. Stories of his romantic, chivalrous deeds and acts of selflessness he was clearly totally besotted with her. After 10 years together, this was a big and long awaited day. This gorgeous couple, surrounded by their besties, families, fab friends, beautiful daughters and all those that truly mattered to them, threw a big party to remember and told the world just how much they meant to one another. Thanks for booking me Gunel & Nick. It was SUCH a pleasure. If my style of photography appeals to you and you like the idea of me documenting the best day of your life without the photography taking over, then get in touch with me here via my contact form or buzz me on 07956419207. I’d love to hear from you. Here’s another fab party wedding if you’re up for looking at some more of my work – Eleanor & Jacky’s Metro Garden Wedding, and here’s a fab London wedding I shot at Hawksmoor with Lauren & Greg. I’ve another Belair wedding to blog later this month from the summer so watch this space. Thanks for looking!



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