November 18, 2018

Autumn Marquee Wedding Photography

Autumn Marquee Wedding Photography

Christina & Murray’s wedding was being held in a marquee at her family home in East Sussex, keeping with the family tradition as all her siblings had been married there too. They chose to marry in autumn, their favourite time of year, just before everyone settles in for Christmas. I love home weddings which are so much more personal because of the intimate connection the bride or groom has to their surroundings. Full of memories, mementoes, photos, belongings, things around them that nod to their past younger lives and reveal something about them, their families and history, in a way a hotel room just can’t. People also tend to be more at ease at home, falling into familiar relaxed ways with their families who often keep them grounded when any pre wedding nerves arise!

Wedding Ceremony at Fairwarp Church

The wedding took place at their local church in Fairwarp and guests were arriving in the rain as Christina made her way to the church with her sisters and parents. Murray was ever so slightly nervously waiting patiently inside and not before long the church was packed and the ceremony began. There was some incredible singing from a friend of theirs who belted out a few operatic tunes to rapturous applause and then the official marriage register was signed. And so they were married. Some celebrants take umbrage to the capturing of this moment as it’s happening. Some archaic nonsensical rule about photographing the document being signed, so they’d rather set up a fake shot after the event. However my documentary approach brings little attention to the moment as I don’t interrupt or stop the flow of things, instead quietly capturing things candidly in the moment.

Capturing things naturally – unposed wedding photography

After copious amounts of confetti was thrown, everyone made their way back home to a champagne reception outdoors at the house. There were some family photos and lots of little moments captured with the children running around – always one of my favourite subjects at weddings. With lots of fabulous grounds and paddocks we wandered off for 10 minutes to take some couple photos as guests made their way into the warm marquee to take their seats, and Murray & Christina were welcomed into dinner. Murray used to be a pro-footballer and many stories were shared about his former footie days and comparisons made as to who was madder about the game – the bride or groom! Then a night of merrymaking, dancing and fun! All the moments you see below, were captured naturally and in a relaxed way, drawing little or no attention to the photography. Lots of my couples don’t really like being photographed so this is where my documentary, fly on the wall approach comes into its own. I’m often called a ninja, but I’m not. I’m just well practised at tuning into my environment, watching and listening for clues on what’s happening around me. If you like the sound of the way I work, get in touch and I’ll send you a brochure. Here are a few more weddings to look through if you want to see more – Liv & Charlie’s Honourable Artillery Company wedding and Anais & David’s JJ Studios wedding. Thanks for looking!



Love the shot of the bride in the car with her dad in the reflection, wonderful natural images stunning

Ah cheers David – appreciate you taking the time to look through them.

Lovely set of images Mona. Little bridesmaids made me smile 😉

Thanks Martin, they were cute weren’t they!

Some cracking shots there Mona! I love the one with Dad’s reflection in the car window, and the black and white of Christina waiting patiently to enter the ceremony.

Thanks a mill David – I do love a reflection shot.

Gorgeous Mona – I really loved your documentary style here, it works so so well xxx

Thanks Teri – appreciate you stopping by! xxx

Stunning work as always Mona. Love the bride arriving and leaving the car, great reflection captured of her Dad there, along with the stunning bridal portraits.

Thanks Linus, much appreciated.