December 30, 2013

2013 – My Photos of the Year

Well 2013 has been a busy year! I’ve been shooting weddings, events, a handful of portraits and some great commercial stuff as well as lots of smaller stuff in between. I’ve even second shot a handful of weddings with other established photographers which has been a lot of fun. As a London & Sussex photographer, and like most photographers I’m not restricted to just one region so have been travelling all over London, Surrey, Kent, Bucks, Hampshire and Sussex and have definitely clocked up some mileage! And it looks like it will continue as I shoot my first wedding in February in St.Lucia!

This  year, I’ve shot in cathedrals, small village churches, barns, clubs, pubs, a guildhall, grand houses, listed buildings, fields & tipi’s. I’ve met a loads of truly  amazing people and have also been massively inspired and encouraged by lots of fantastic photographers some of whom are now good mates – thanks to you all. I’ve attended a few brilliant workshops to constantly develop my own photography, and have continually found ways to inspire and improve what I do when I’m shooting, whatever or wherever. Some of my personal projects have taken a bit of a back seat this year, but I’ve plans to breath some life back into some stuff that’s close to home. I love what I do more than you would know, and consider myself very fortunate to have found my passion – not everyone does in life. If you’re aching for yours, be brave and go find it. Its a voyage of discovery you won’t regret.

So here’s a selection of my photos of the year for 2013 – hope you enjoy them.  Big thanks to all the truly amazing clients I’ve had the pleasure of working and having fun with this year and to all those I’ve come into contact with in the industry – its been a really great year.

Here’s to an AMAZING 2014 to you all, and to all my clients, old, new and future – all the very best to you for 2014. Here’s to the best year yet. Here’s to the journey…..



Wowser! What a spectacular year you’ve had Mona’ You’ve got some fab work here. Great shots especially that incredible wedding dress train! You’ve set the benchmark for 2014! x

Thanks Loz 🙂 It’s gonna be a good one x