January 10, 2015

10 on 10

New Year. New personal projects. 10 on 10. The new year brings all kinds of fresh starts, new goals and promises to others as well as ourselves. As a photographer, keeping the creative juices flowing and challenging myself with more personal projects, has always been on the agenda, but like all good aims, they lapse when we get busy and life in general takes over especially during peak season when I’m at my busiest shooting weddings. I’ve started and not quite finished or left projects hanging with no middle or end despite such good intentions and wanting more than anything, to keep feeding my creative soul. And so many projects didn’t even see the light of day. I’m sure this familiar feeling will resonate whatever the context. And when there is bit of time, I go into a kind of creative frenzy, pushing myself to get creative instead of just being, fitting it into a time slot and willing inspiration to appear.

So this year, no resolutions or hard core expectations, just a promise to myself to keep feeding my creative soul on a more regular basis. 10 on 10 will be a regular feature on the blog, featuring 10 pretty random, non-wedding images I’ve captured the month before which I’ll post on the 10th of each month. Whether I’ve shot them on my Nikon’s Fuji, phone or Instax it’ll be a little mash up and insight into some of the things I’ve seen that I’d wanted to shoot. This month – beautiful winter light, strong shadows, colourful sunsets and a few special peeps. Here’s to whatever challenges you’ve set for yourself and to enjoying the outcome.


This is a great idea! i’d love to do something like that as well, be nice to keep creative!

Look forward to seeing what you do too Dan!

This is a great idea, I think I might join you on this! Perhaps we can motivate one another!
x Rachel (chics with cameras)

Great stuff Rachel! Look forward to seeing what you capture too x