February 12, 2015

10 on 10

10 on 10 February – I’m a few days late in posting this as I was shooting away from home and have found it such a challenge this month to narrow down my shortlist of 10 images with so many to choose from. Last month took me to a few places including Venice, Lake Garda and Milan, as well as a few places closer to home, but as my trip to Italy was all about getting my photography mojo on, I thought I’d focus on sharing a few images from my trip.

Venice is one of my very favourite places. Admittedly, I’ve not visited during peak season so my experience¬†with this lovely city is a quiet and thoughtful one. However, I’m not sure I want anything else from it. I love the light, the blue hues of the early morning light, the graphic architectural feel to the city, how it flows and curves, the visitors it attracts and the spectacular vistas. I’m a nikon shooter normally but for this trip I took my fuji x-pro 1 to play with. Much lighter and more discreet than my pro nikon cameras, I loved shooting with it and looking and feeling much more like a tourist. So here’s a bit of what caught my eye this month. See you next month!